Keep America

Don’t be mad at Honduran, Mexican etc. immigrants for wanting to escape their countries and come to America. Turn them against Democrats with my new slogan, “Keep America.” The contrast between Democrats and Republicans is now that stark. Democrats want to get rid of the border, literally, and want to get rid of our institutions such as the Senate, and the Electoral College, and get rid of basic human rights such as “Innocent Until Proven Guilty.” Appeal to the immigrants with reason and sympathy as follows: You left your home countries because they do not have such things as “Innocent Until Proven Guilty.” Why would you vote for Democrats, who do not believe in that, and who want to get rid of the border that keeps America separate and distinct from those countries you escaped? In addition, most of those Latin American immigrants are conservative Catholics or Evangelicals on social issues. If they really knew the Democrat party’s positions on things, like the official platform that people can cut up and throw away human babies just as they are being born, those immigrants would be disgusted. Many other examples. Democrats defended one of their politicians who said “America was never that great.” Well, these immigrants obviously disagree with that. Moreover, these Latin American immigrants are hard working, self-motivated, responsible people. And are business entrepreneurs. (Which Obama mocked, saying, “You didn’t build that. The government did.” Look, rather than complain or be violent toward their government, these immigrants took drastic personal responsibility and action, to move to a country that is better. But that is in sharp contrast to what the Democratic Party stands for; Democrats want people to be dependent on the government and live on handouts. It is clear fact, that most of these Latin American immigrants have nothing in common with the Democratic Party! They align with the Republican Party in almost all respects. Just point this out, with calmness and respect.