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This Privacy Policy describes the terms of our commitment to your privacy.

All persons who visit this site are covered by this policy. does not use cookies or other devices or databases in order to collect personal information about Internet users. Like most Internet sites, we do keep standard log records to improve our site, to provide better information in the future and to be sure we are using resources wisely. These logs may include the user’s IP address or system domain name, computer type, browser version, date and time of the visit, names of files requested and the referring page. does not collect personal information about individuals, such as names and mailing or e-mail addresses, unless it is knowingly provided by the individual and he or she has agreed to the terms under which will use it. We use email addresses only for the purposes of responding to inquires from visitors. We will not use your email address so obtained to send people advertisements or solicitations of any kind. We do not make phone calls to people for any reason. We are against unsolicited email (spam) and do not participate in spamming. We will not sell your email address to anyone else.

Any person logging onto this site will not encounter ads directed to third parties. Thus there are no ads placing cookies on your computer.

My site does not contain advertisements.  Although there is a financial cost to having a web site.  There is the domain name registration upkeep cost, and the hosting cost.  So, if you are blessed by this site, and feel led by God to help with these costs, please go to the Donate page.

I use PayPal and cryptocurrencies for payment at this time to receive donations, or to sell e-books, and as such we at do not store your credit card information in any way. If you donate, you agree to hold me harmless for any loss of that information on the part of PayPal to unintended parties.

If you use PayPal on this site, I will receive your email address. I may store your email address only for the purpose of informing you of some major new publication of mine.

By visiting this website, you agree that we may change this Privacy Policy from time to time as needed, and that the subsequent revisions apply to you.

Customer service contact is:

David Palmer
wcmnbp a t g m a i l dot c o m

Or, use this form mail. [zcmail]

This privacy policy was updated on October 17th, 2020.

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