My father Tom Palmer made the national news in Papua New Guinea

Though they state the wrong year for his arrival there. He arrived in Papua New Guinea in 1953, not 1959 as the video says.

Hamtai Tribe Initiation (Kukukuku):

An excerpt from a film which my father participated in making.

Hamtai / Kukukuku tribe Initiation into Manhood.  The “bull roarer” was not allowed to be seen or heard by women or children.

Frank Brown in his sluice, gold mining:

Diverting Slate Creek in the Watut River area, downhill to create water pressure:

Below next is the Tom Palmer family in circa 1971 or 1972.  Driving in the Papua New Guinea highlands, building our house in the headquarters at Numonohi / Lapilo, the family in the house; Tom and Judy studying, Corinne cooking, David Robert Palmer is playing the guitar, probably something by Creedence Clearwater Revival or Three Dog Night; Joel sitting on couch reading a magazine.  Our single side band two way radio sits on a TV dinner table.  Later Duane is seen with the dog, Joel holding a camera.

Gimi Tribe Feast, Papua New Guinea, 1957:

About the Hamtai language:

Hamtai History

The Joshua Project

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