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This is the list of books by David Robert Palmer currently offered on Amazon.

The Gospel of Mark, alternating verse by verse between eclectic Greek text and English translation. Many footnotes. Paperback. $11.95

The Gospel According to Mark, Alternates verse by verse between the Robinson-Pierpont Byzantine Text Form Greek text and Author’s English translation, with many Textual Criticism footnotes and commentary footnotes and end notes by David Robert Palmer. The critical apparatus is after the pattern of the United Bible Societies’ editions. Includes the readings of most all manuscripts and witnesses 8th century and earlier; and the readings of at least five Greek New Testament editions: The NA28, SBL, Tyndale House, Robinson-Pierpont, and the Textus Receptus. Contains cross references to “Palmer’s Diatessaron,” a harmony of the gospels in English similar to Tatian’s. Paperback. $10.95

The Kindle version of Gospel According to Mark, Robinson-Pierpont edition same as above, Kindle book $0.99

The Gospel of Luke, with eclectic Greek text and English text. Paperback. $11.95

Kindle version of previous eclectic Gospel of Luke. $0.99

The Gospel according to Luke, Robinson-Pierpont Greek text and English text. Paperback. $11.90

The Kindle book of previous, Gospel According to Luke, Robinson-Pierpont. $0.99

The Gospel of John, alternating verse by verse with eclectic Greek text and English. Paperback $11.90

Kindle book of the Gospel of John previous. $0.99

The General Epistles, Robinson-Pierpont Byzantine Textform Greek text, alternating verse by verse between the Greek and English. This includes the NT books of James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, and Jude. Paperback. $12.90

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