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Gospel of Luke Robinson-Pierpont

Gospel of Luke Printed Editions

I have published new printed editions of my translation of the gospel of Luke, with the Greek text alternating verse by verse with my English translation thereof; one edition with an eclectic Greek text, and another of the Robinson-Pierpont 2018 text which I received by email directly from Dr. Maurice A. Robinson.

There are a few minor improvements since the previous publication: I added the Tyndale House reading to many of the TC footnotes, using the abbreviation TH, and I corrected a few typographical errors.

They are 6″ X 9″ paperbacks, and the prices are the lowest allowed by Amazon for their “expanded distribution” plan.

The eclectic edition is $7.23, ISBN: 978-1-958612-01-9

The RP edition is $7.41, ISBN: 978-1-958612-02-6

Kindle edition also available for the Robinson-Pierpont edition, $0.99.