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Unqualified Bible Translators

An example of the work of unqualified Bible translators

There are many examples of “crankish” individual translations done by persons reputedly not qualified to translate the Bible these days, but they are not that dangerous, since very few people will read them. What are more dangerous are translations that are respected and reputed to be scholarly, such that many people will read them and trust them, but they are very badly translated. Take the following example.  (First a correct translation, then the wrong ones.)

1 Timothy 3:2- Δεῖ οὖν τὸν ἐπίσκοπον ἀνεπίληπτον εἶναι, μιᾶϛ γυναικὸϛ ἄνδρα
Therefore an overseer must be… the husband of one wife (ESV)

NRSV: Now a bishop must be … married only once

NABRE: Therefore, a bishop must be… married only once

These did not translate ανηρ, did not translate γυνη, and they added a word “married” that is not there. Three errors already. Then also, there are errors of wrongly allowed implication, implying: A Bishop is qualified if married to a horse, as long as married only once. A Bishop is qualified if married to the same gender as himself, as long as married only once. A bishop is qualified if a female, as long as married only once.

CEB: They should be faithful to their spouse
CEV: That’s why officials must… be faithful in marriage.

Whoever translated these 4 above, either do not know what the words ανηρ and γυνη mean, or, much worse, blatantly changed the word in order to help foster acceptance of their belief that a female can be a bishop / overseer / pastor, something contradicted clearly in many other scriptures. Or acceptance that a homosexual can be a bishop / overseer / pastor, something contradicted clearly in many other scriptures. But the apostle says the subject is a MALE human, who has a FEMALE human mate.

So, such translations, which have the reputation of being scholarly, and respected, are far more dangerous than “crankish” individual translations done by unrecognized, unrespected persons, since many people will actually read the NRSV and NAB and trust them.

I declare without reservation, that those persons who produced the above renderings in the NRSV and NAB translations, are NOT QUALIFIED to translate the holy Word of God. It is GOD’S word, which means HE decides who is qualified. I can assure you that anyone who promotes or allows the belief that a female can be a bishop / overseer / pastor in His church, Does Not have the approval of God, neither anyone who promotes or allows the belief that a homosexual can be a bishop / overseer / pastor.  Jesus’ apostles very clearly contradicted these notions in the scriptures. If you have studied the Bible on these topics, you KNOW FULL WELL that this is true. Do not lie against the truth.

There are several Bible translations so called, that I urge you to throw in the garbage if you have them: the NRSV and permutations, the NAB and permutations, the Message, the CEV, and CEB, and the New World Translation.

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Number 2 Mistake of Wives

The number 2 mistake of wives is asking her husband to do or allow something she already knows he does not like, and convincing him to do it or allow it, and he later “changes his mind” back to what he really is, and she gets mad at him, and says she “can’t trust him.”

As one wise man said, “Him convinced against his will, is unconvince-ed still.”

Marriage License

When you get a marriage license, who are you marrying?

“The state is a party to every marriage contract of its own residents as well as the guardians of their morals.”– Roberts v. Roberts (1947) 81 CA2d 871, 185 P2d 381.

You make the state the senior partner. They then have the last word on your morals, and your children are wards of the state.


Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th edition, defines a license as follows:

“Permission from public authority to do something that would be illegal to do without the license.”

(By the same definition, you know that you do not need a license to do something that is not illegal.)

Now what makes something illegal? There are two forms of wrongness: malum prohibitum, and malum in se. Something that is malum prohibitum is deemed wrong because it has been prohibited by the laws of human beings in a particular society, for their particular society. Literally, it is “wrong because it is prohibited.” Something that is malum in se is wrong because it is “bad in itself.” Determining what is malum prohibitum is easy – you just find out what are the laws in the appropriate jurisdiction. Determining what is malum in se is also easy in my opinion – and in the opinion of the founding fathers of the United States of America. They said things like, “Men do not make laws; they but discover them. True laws originate from the Creator, the Supreme Legislator of the Universe.”

Marriage is not wrong in itself, so it is not malum in se. Neither is marriage prohibited, so marriage is also not malum prohibitum.

Therefore a human government cannot deny you the right to get married (neither permit it only upon the payment of a fee and the obtaining of a license) unless your marriage is malum in se, or malum prohibitum.


But wait a minute, why do marriage licenses exist in the United States then? Very simple: they were instituted for marriages that were deemed by society as wrong, either marriages that were malum in se, or marriages that were malum prohibitum, illegal, prohibited by law. In the history of America, the vast majority of people never got licenses to get married, because their marriages were never deemed illegal or considered wrong.

But up until the 1960′s there were some marriages, now commonplace and fairly normal, that were considered wrong: interracial marriages. Those were the marriages that required a license. (I am not against interracial marriage; I am only explaining the history of the marriage license.)

Even the most current edition of Black’s Law dictionary proves this. Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition, defines marriage license as:

“A license or permission granted by public authority to persons who intend to intermarry”

Note that it does not say, “persons who intend to marry,” but “INTERmarry.” So you wouldn’t need a marriage license to marry, only to intermarry. Well, what is “intermarriage”? If you look up “intermarriage” in Black’s Law Dictionary 6th edition, it says,

See Miscegenation.

Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition, defines Miscegenation as:

Mixture of races. Term formerly applied to marriage between persons of different races. Statutes prohibiting marriage between persons of different races have been held to be invalid as contrary to equal protection clause of Constitution. Loving v. Virginia…

So now, you don’t even need a marriage license to INTER-marry.

Then why do people still get marriage licenses? Because their pastor, or their neighbor, or TV says you have to. The pastor, if he has a license to be a pastor from the state, and his church is a federal non-profit corporation, has a contractual obligation to act in the interests of the government, not in your interests or God’s interests. It is a conditionality of his license to do certain things and report certain things for the government. Often these obligations conflict with the family of God’s interests.

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