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Apocalypse Not in the Past

There are things in the book of Revelation in the Bible, that did not make sense until the present modern times.  For example, when the two witnesses are killed in Jerusalem, it says the whole world, every tribe, language and nation, watches them as they get up again.  That is only possible with modern television satellites and Internet.  And even the way they celebrate, by “sending gifts” to one another all around the world, portends Amazon.com and the Internet, and sending gifts by mail.

Revelation 11:8-10:

“⁸And their corpses lie on the boulevard of the great city which is spiritually named Sodom  and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified.  ⁹And from peoples and tribes and languages and nations they see their corpses for three and a half days.  And they are not allowing their corpses to be placed in a grave.  ¹⁰And those dwelling on the earth rejoice over them, and celebrate, and will send gifts  to one another.  For these two prophets had tormented those dwelling on the earth.”

And speaking of the Internet and satellites, the scenario of the Beast in Revelation chapter 13 controlling the ability of everyone on the planet to buy or sell, would not be possible in the ancient world, or even 40 years ago.  This is only possible with the Internet and satellites, and requires every tribesman in the Congo or Indonesia to be “connected” and “wired.”  No wonder that so called “charitable endeavors” try to get everyone in Africa onto electricity.  That combined with outlawing cash, on the pretext that only criminals use cash.

Buy or Sell

“And he makes it so that no one can buy or sell without having the mark.”

(Revelation 13:17) In order for the Antichrist to be able to control who buys and sells, even in the remotest jungle, that requires that everyone in the remotest jungle be connected to the Internet. The One World Government intends to accomplish exactly that. One of its branches, the , and also the Council on Foreign Relations, has a member working on it earnestly, named Nicholas Negroponte. He has a simple, rugged laptop computer that he is literally , and giving free of charge to “poor” children (really free children) in “poor” and remote countries. The World Government just can’t have any people living independently, growing their own food, not needing money, not being tracked and controlled by Tax ID numbers, and not being connected to the Internet.

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