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Revelation 22:19

Revelation 22:19, the tree of life versus book of life

Demand has been expressed, that I add a complete Textual Criticism apparatus in my Revelation work concerning the textual variant in Revelation 22:19, the tree of life versus book of life. Especially, that I consult Hoskier’s work on this for early Versions and Church fathers and Church writers.

I don’t understand why more people have not purchased the inexpensive edition of Hoskier I have made available here: Hoskier: Concerning the Text of the Apocalypse Volume 2.

Nevertheless, I have added that data to my footnotes in my Revelation works, and uploaded them to my “new Bible translation” page. If you want to get right to the footnotes about Revelation 22:19, the tree of life versus book of life, you can also download them directly from here:

PDF edition of Revelation with both the English and Greek text, with 385 footnotes and several MSS charts; 3 MB

PDF edition of Revelation with the English only, and fewer footnotes and no charts.

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Scrivener Collations of Textus Receptus Editions

Collation of Textus Receptus editions now available for download on my translations page: Scrivener, F. H. A.: Appendix B: Collation of all editions of the so-called Textus Receptus (in a Hoskier work). Many people like to do a Bible Study pertaining to the underlying Greek Text that is used in the older Bibles compared to a new Bible.

Included in this post is an image of one of the pages of this work on the Textus Receptus.

Textus Receptus collation by Scrivener

One page from the Textus Receptus Collation by Scrivener

This is a collation of Textus Receptus editions

their differences, PDF, 1 MB. This document shows all the differences between Robert Stephens’ editions, Erasmus’ 5 editions (especially 1550), Elzevir 1624, and editions of Beza, Aldus, Colinaeus.

These all are called the “Textus Receptus” or “Received Text.”

By the term “Textus Receptus” is meant these various Greek New Testament editions from which the translators of the Geneva Bible, the Bishops’ Bible, the Great Bible, and the King James Bible, translated, to make their English translations of the Bible.

This is what we mean by the Textus Receptus.