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Christians Are Being Criminalized

Christians are being criminalized.

Are you as a Christian a speech criminal?  This is the trend in the western world today.  Laws are being passed in Canada and the UK and New York City and elsewhere making it a crime to, among other things, show disdain for a person’s choice of gender pronoun.  (Of which there are now supposedly hundreds!)  This of course defies both science and God, who “made them male and female.”

Christians have also been arrested for simply stating traditional Christian beliefs about homosexuality, and about Islam.  I have been warning for over two decades that one of the reasons Christian churches should not be incorporated and licensed with the state is that the state will dictate what we can say about homosexuality especially, and also increasingly, about Islam.

I personally have been “de-monetized” by Google for my speech about homosexuality and about Islam.  There was no warning, no due process.  Just suddenly, I no longer had a Google adwords account, and my Google ads no longer appeared on my web pages.  (I am actually quite glad about it.  For the small amount of money they generated, it was a hassle dealing with them, and also the IRS issue.)

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has stated that he believes the government should give all people a guaranteed income.  Now just think though, it would be electronic money, I’m sure, and not cash.  And, it could simply be turned off if you spoke or wrote politically incorrect (ie., Christian) things.  No due process, no explanation, you would simply suddenly have no income.  It is a tyrant’s dream come true to have every person dependent upon them for income.  Thus, I think it is likely that that will happen!  People will get a guaranteed income from the government.  That would be Satan’s dream come true.  Then it would be easier for the beast to prevent you from buying or selling unless you have the mark of the beast.  Because you would simply have no money.  You would be an animal living in caves and dens of the earth, like the people in the hall of fame of faith in Hebrews chapter 11 verse 38.

The Bible in the book of Revelation states that even simply preaching the gospel of the Lamb of God will be punishable by death.  Revelation 6:9 “And when the fifth seal was opened, I saw beneath the altar, the souls of those slain for the word of God and for the witness they were bearing of the Lamb.” (Robinson-Pierpont Greek text Revelation)

Brothers and sisters and friends, so much of the book of Revelation is now making more sense these days.  In Revelation, the armies are part animal and part human and part machine.  This is being fulfilled.  Robots are fast becoming reality, even robot soldiers.  And chimeras are actively being produced.  A chimera is a cross species of two very different animals.

Mark Zuckerberg declared that his generation, the millenials, see themselves as citizens of the world, and not citizens of America.  This suits the devil just fine, since he wants one world government, through which he can dictate worship of himself.  That will be made easier for him reasonably soon, it appears.  People who believe in nations and borders are now being called racists just for that!  That is wicked slander, for which the slanderers will have to give account to God on the day of judgment.  But Satan’s plan for one world government is being advanced, by means of things like “climate change” and the manufactured need for a world body to govern that.  Even though global warming is a scam, shown by many whistle blowers.

The current college generation is being encouraged to label as “hate speech” anything they disagree with.  If you debate with them, and beat them, they retreat to their “safe spaces.”  This is why they are called the “snowflake” generation, because they cannot take the heat of actual dialogue and interaction with others.  But, they are the future of the earth!  They are the future majority voters!  They are absolutely against free speech, and are fascist and tyrannical, but they call others fascists!  They decry fascist violence, but they themselves are violent!  This is the future of our western world, apparently.

Review of the movie Religulous

I just watched the movie Religulous, because I like Bill Maher.

He had some humorous and true criticisms of various religions, and did a good job of pointing out the typical denial of obvious reality on the part of Muslims.

He was humorously wrong about several things, however.

1. He said the book of “Revelations” instead of Revelation.

2. Bill Maher said Megiddo is quiet and peaceful. (Megiddo is the place that the battle of Armageddon is to take place.) Of course Megiddo is quiet, Bill, because according to the Bible, the battle of Armageddon does not take place until many other things happen first. The tribulation has to take place first, before Armageddon, and that Tribulation cannot happen until many other things happen.

3. In his movie Religulous, Bill Maher said emphatically that it is a fact that there is no historical evidence that Jesus actually existed. This is nonsense, as the historians Tacitus and Josephus, plus the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, attest to his existence. Not to mention a lot of people who knew him and passed it on.

4. Mr. Maher declared as if it was undisputed fact, that the men who wrote the Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, did not know Jesus personally. He is just plain wrong, because the fact is Matthew, Mark and John all knew Jesus personally, and John knew him extremely well. Neither Bill Maher nor the movie Religulous offers any proof of this claim that the gospel writers did not know Jesus. On the other hand, the fact that they did know Jesus is well proven. The movie Religulous is an entertaining movie, but a factually true documentary it is not.

5. Bill made a big deal of the fact that the virgin birth of Jesus was in only two gospels, as if this were a contradiction. This is an example of the silliest arguments of atheists, but I suppose we should answer them. Bill thinks he has a touché point, that what historian and editor would choose to leave out the virgin birth in their story, if it were true? Well, Mark and John would. Why? Because people already had Matthew. John wrote his gospel when people already had Matthew, Mark and Luke. The gospel writers produced differing gospels, with differing goals, emphases, and different target audiences. Otherwise, why have 4 of them?

6. Bill thinks he has another sure touché point, when he says about Lot, a man that offered his daughters to be raped in order to prevent the homosexual rape of the two visiting men (angels), Imagine that; he was the good guy in the story. Because of this, he says, he couldn’t swear on such a disgusting book as the Bible. Well Bill, just because the Bible honestly portrays what actually happened in the life of a man, that does not mean the Bible endorses that action of that man. In fact, Lot is considered a very weak, marginal believer in the Bible and by Christians. But the other thing you are not realizing about the Lot story, is that that shows how unimaginably wicked Lot considered the act of a man “having sex” with another man would be. In other words, though rape of his daughters would be horrible, the homosexual act that the men of Sodom wanted to do, was even that much worse, and that urgently to be avoided.

7. Bill made a big deal of his argument that Jesus’ story parallels closely that of Horus of Egyptian mythology. Except that it does not, Bill. See Wikipedia for a debunking of this theory of identical mythological origins of Horus and Jesus.

8. Maher showed by the things he said in the movie that he thinks the meaning of life is sex. He essentially said that people who are religious are people who resort to that because they are losers who cannot get sex. This kind of thinking devalues all higher thinking and learning and endeavors, and makes Bill Maher no higher than an animal.

Bottom line is Religulous is an entertaining movie, but Maher’s main points about Christianity are certainly not accurate.

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