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Current Activities

Though I still have a job doing something I don’t want to do, I now have a little more spare time than I did the last few years. Also, I moved to the state of Florida. I am currently working on 3 projects at once:

1.) Revising and updating my translation of the Apocalypse of John, or the Book of Revelation. My original edition I did about 15 years ago, and it still refers to the UBS4 and NA27. I am updating the GNT editions cited to include the SBL and Tyndale House editions, and of course UBS5 and NA28, as well as the BG, family 35 and Antoniades here and there. In addition, I am eliminating the accentuation of the Greek in the textual variant footnotes, since the direction of the accents would be technically incorrect when outside of the sentence and punctuation of the actual Bible text, and the early manuscripts did not contain them. This is what the Nestle-Aland editions do in their footnotes. This is all in preparation for publishing on Amazon.

2. Revising and updating my translation of the gospel of Matthew, since, again, my original was done 20 years ago or more, and I have learned much since then, and also become less closed to the Byzantine text stream. Like with Revelation, I am adding citation to the SBL and TH editions, but also adding many more textual variants in comparison to the Robinson-Pierpont text, as I am simultaneously creating a Robinson-Pierpont (RP) edition. This is all in preparation for publishing on Amazon.

3. Still slowly translating the Acts of the Apostles, currently in chapter 25.

Codex Sinaiticus Correctors

I have in August 2015 adopted the sigla conventions of the NA28 for the correctors of Codex Sinaiticus in Revelation, and updated my apparatus accordingly:

ℵ*           4th century
ℵ¹            4th – 6th century (only one occurrence- in 21:4
ℵ²            7th century
ℵ²a          7th century
ℵ²b          7th century
אc            12th century

To download my translation of Revelation.

Krans Refutation of Holland

Now downloadable here and on my new Bible translation page: Krans Refutation of Holland

Author: Jan Krans, Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, an expert on Erasmus, refutes Thomas Holland, especially exposing his lack of scholarship regarding the last verses of Revelation which Erasmus back-translated from Latin. Especially Revelation 22:19. Textus Receptus Onlyists and King James Onlyists rely on the “scholarship” of other King James Onlyists, so never come to the knowledge of the truth. This document is a PDF, 2 MB in size. Download Krans Refutation of Holland.
Krans Refutation of Holland

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Revelation 22:19

Revelation 22:19, the tree of life versus book of life

Demand has been expressed, that I add a complete Textual Criticism apparatus in my Revelation work concerning the textual variant in Revelation 22:19, the tree of life versus book of life. Especially, that I consult Hoskier’s work on this for early Versions and Church fathers and Church writers.

I don’t understand why more people have not purchased the inexpensive edition of Hoskier I have made available here: Hoskier: Concerning the Text of the Apocalypse Volume 2.

Nevertheless, I have added that data to my footnotes in my Revelation works, and uploaded them to my “new Bible translation” page. If you want to get right to the footnotes about Revelation 22:19, the tree of life versus book of life, you can also download them directly from here:

PDF edition of Revelation with both the English and Greek text, with 385 footnotes and several MSS charts; 3 MB

PDF edition of Revelation with the English only, and fewer footnotes and no charts.

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