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Pericope of the Adulteress data updated

I have updated and uploaded the updates of all my documents that contain TC manuscript data for the Pericope of the Adulteress in the Gospel of John.  This includes the line by line Swanson-style chart of John 5:3b-4, and the Pericope.  I have changed the designations for some minuscules which recently were assigned Gregory-Aland numbers, including minuscule 2253, formerly only known as ANA 10, (a.k.a. Albania National Archive, Kod. Vl. 10), IX-XII century.  In addition, I have included in the critical apparatuses, the readings of the Byzantine Greek New Testament, which is essentially the reading of minuscule 35.

John 7:52

I just added a new footnote to my file, johnwgrk.pdf, in John 7:52 about εἶπαν vs. εἶπον.

No clear early text-type differentiation in this Greek manuscripts textual variant. εἶπον vs. εἶπαν Ionic vs. Attic dialect. Map of the geographic distribution of the ancient Greek dialects.

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Walton’s Polyglot Part 9

Walton’s Polyglot Part 9 is now available for download on the bottom of my translations page.