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e-Sword David Robert Palmer gospels

Someone has put my translations of the four gospels into e-Sword. You can download the module for free here. You may also have to download this third party module installer, since the latest version of eSword installs new modules from within the application. Download the David Robert Palmer eSword module.

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Scrivener Plain Introduction

Scrivener, F.H.A.: A Plain Introduction to the Criticism of the New Testament, Vol. 1, “Scrivener Plain Introduction”

PDF, 32 MB, now available for download at the bottom of my translations page, and also by a link in the image below.

Scrivener Plain Introduction

F. H. A. Scrivener

An image of Scrivener from the book A Plain Introduction Vol 1., free download, “Scrivener Plain Introduction”

Walton’s Polyglot Pt 10

Walton’s Polyglot was a mammoth work compiled by Brian Walton, consisting of the Bible in Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, Chaldean, Samaritan, Greek, Arabic, Ethiopic, Latin, plus variant readings of Codices Alexandrinus and Vaticanus, in 1657!

Part 10 of Walton’s Polyglot is now available for download on my translations page, containing GspJohnB, Acts, Paul, Catholic Epistles, Revelation, PDF, 107 MB.


Free Downoad of White & Morgan Greek Dictionary

Now available for free download: White & Morgan: An Illustrated Dictionary to Xenophon’s Anabasis, PDF, 14 MB. It will be added to the list of downloads on my translation page.


Other Documents

I’m going to be starting a new page on this site from which you will be able to download other documents, mostly in PDF format. For example, the Letter of Aristeas, about the making of the LXX / Septuagint; various church fathers like Clement, Irenaeus, Polycarp. Also public domain books by F. H. A. Scrivener, etc., public domain Greek New Testament editions, like Tregelles, Robinson-Pierpont, etc. Public domain documents like Greek Grammar books, Latin Grammar books. Check back for updates.

The Didache

I uploaded my edition of the Greek text of the ΔΙΔΑΧΗ ΤΩΝ ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΩΝ (The Didache, or the Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, with footnotes on textual variants I have compiled. It shows most of the main textual variants, including of the Jerusalem Codex (or Codex Hierosolymitanus (1056 C.E.), Oxyrhynchus Papyrus 1782, the Apostolic Constitutions, Church Ordinances, Barnabas, Latin version, Georgian version, Coptic version, Ethiopic version, Arabic version. And shows the readings of Greek Editions by Bryennios, Harnack, De Romestin, Hemmer\Oger\Lamont, Goold, Funk/Bilmeyer, T. Klauser, M. Holmes.  It’s a pdf, 710 KB in size. Any corrections are welcome, and if I missed noting any conjectural emendations, please advise. Right-click here and choose “save as” to download.