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Free Windows Fonts for TC Footnotes

I made a chart comparing the capabilities of 15 free Windows fonts at displaying glyphs you might need in Textual Criticism (TC) footnotes, including display of Coptic.  The fonts compared are: Cambria Math, Cardo, Antinoou, IFAOGrec, Brill, GentiumAlt, FreeSerifCoptic, DoulosSIL, Andika, Palatino Linotype, Times New Roman, New Athena Unicode, Titus Cyberbit Basic, SBL, and Galilee.


Plumley Coptic Grammar

Now available for download here and on my new Bible translation page: Plumley Coptic Grammar- by John Martin Plumley; An Introductory Coptic Grammar (Sahidic)

1948, PDF, 850 KB. London Home & van Thal 1948;
Fotocopied at the Hebrew University Library, Jerusalem, 1988
Transcribed by George Somsel and Paterson Brown; revised IV.10
Download Plumley Coptic Grammar.

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