Giving to the Poor

I am certain that God does not give you credit for giving to the poor by virtue of you voting for a politician who supports a government policy of taking money from people who have more money and giving it to the poor. You are only credited for what you actually personally sacrifice and personally give to a poor person you know. I am certain of this.

Robin Hood was a thief. So is a government that confiscates money from one person and gives it to a person who did not earn it. And as far as I am concerned, if you vote for such a politician or government, you are a thief too.

The Bible does not support the idea of taking money, or food, or anything else from one person and giving it to someone who does not work. Some claim that in the Old Testament under Moses there was socialism. No, not if by that you mean there were any people who were idle. No one was idle; everyone did something. Idleness was not in the least tolerated.